Grow Your Business with Me
Grow Your Business with Me



  • alexander-georgiev-logo

    The personal website of a front-end developer & UI/UX designer.

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  • Logo Appolica, Featured Image

    The “Industries” section of a software company for mobile development.

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  • Forex Brokers, Logo

    Forex Brokers Reviews is a comparison directory of the best online UK Forex brokers, together with reviews, rankings, and ratings.

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  • Legal dominance logo

    I crafted the copy for the Home and About pages.

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Landing Pages

  • Logo Geek Seek Website

    GeekSeek connects tech professionals worldwide. As the ideal matchmaker between companies’ needs and talents’ skills, the platform allows geeks and seekers to fall in love with each other’s codes.

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  • Abundance Ignited Retreat, Logo

    The Abundance Ignited Retreat

    A 7-day retreat with 8 international speakers in the drop-dead gorgeous Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

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  • Sales Copy Done Right, Logo

    Your Quick, Smart, and Effective Way to More Sales
    in 3 teleclasses that take less than 100 minutes

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  • Travel Article, Featured Image


    While “nice” and “beautiful” are good words, there are nowhere near enough to describe a truly unforgettable travel experience. Here’s how to do it.

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  • Cloud Sigma Project, Logo


    Only a narrow-minded person would deny the value the IT industry has contributed to the world we live in today.

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  • BTC Image, Logo


    Cryptocurrencies are not a hype anymore. They are the exciting present, which revolutionizes the way we communicate.

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  • Kiril Avramov Logo

    All articles on this client’s eCommerce website.

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White Papers

  • GIFcoin - LOGO Website

    This White Paper is the single legal document presented to the public in connection with the Initial Coin Offering of GIFcoin. It helped the ICO reach its soft cap of 5,000 ETH.

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  • eGold Whitepaper Logo

    The whitepaper of the world’st first betting cryptocurrency – eGold.

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