Grow Your Business with Me
Grow Your Business with Me


Get Tailor-made Content and Email Marketing Solutions to Clarify Your Digital Message, Grow Your Bottom Line, and Increase Your Market Share

Let us apply the ‘The Profit Maximization Method’ to grow your brand and increase your sales, rather than relying on outdated, generic content marketing strategies.

4.333 billion people use the internet every single day.

This means that there’s never been a better time to attract more prospects, build a relationship with them, and turn them from random strangers into loyal buyers.

And there’s no better way to do that than content marketing.

The world’s largest companies have come to realize that Content is King. And it’s THE future of marketing.

Companies that use effective content marketing get up to 6.5x better conversion rates than those that don’t.

Apple, Coca Cola, and Disney all focus on content.

In fact, they spend more on improving their content marketing strategies than they do on other traditional forms of advertising – like TV, for instance.

However, there is one BIG problem many of these businesses face — they believe their content is doing “just fine”.

But when they look at their metrics, they see a poor impact on their bottom line and realize that conversions could be much higher.

Actually, a study from Econsultancy in 2018 showed that only 22% of all businesses worldwide were satisfied with their conversion rates, and only 1% of them were very satisfied.

The fact that only 1 in 100 businesses is very satisfied with their conversion rates shows how much potential there is for content marketing.

It also shows how much you’re missing out if you don’t have an effective content marketing strategy in place.

In fact, captivating content does the following things for you and your brand.

  • It connects with the reader.
  • It speaks to his/her inner desires.
  • It addresses their deepest fears and frustrations.

This means not only does it increasе your sales; it also builds trust and levels up your authority.

And I want to let you in on a secret. Simplicity beats all.

This means you don’t need to be spending a ton on ads, wasting hours ‘building your brand’, or hoping and praying your marketing’s working.

The simplest campaigns always perform best.

But, ironically, coming up with a simple campaign is not that easy.

An external pair of eyes can be THE thing to kickstart sub-par campaigns, bring in fresh, new leads, and turn them into loyal customers.

And that’s what we’re going to do when we work together.

Here’s How I Can Help You Grow Your Business

Hi! I’m Svet Dimitrov.

My team and I help businesses implement growth-driven email and content marketing strategies that entice engagement, build your brand, and increase sales.

As an agency that has made money for brands like Vshred, Sculpt Nation, and GoAyo, we know a thing or two about crafting effective content.

  • Content that gets clicks
  • Content that drives sales
  • Content that builds authority

When we work with businesses, we view it as a collaborative process.

First, we come up with the big idea behind it.

Then, we consider the best possible strategy according to your specific case, niche, and audience – and implement it.

We’re not just the digital marketing agency next door that has the same approach towards every client.

We look at the bigger picture. The picture that’s beyond just a few posts on social, a couple of emails, and a highly-converting sales page.

With our tailor-made solutions, your business will:

Use Emails to Get Closer to Your Ideal Customer

Out of all digital marketing components, email marketing provides by far the best ROI – up to 3,800% for some industries. Yet, most businesses either don’t email their lists at all or do it the wrong way.

With 99% of users checking their emails every single day, the power of email is unparalleled.

Whether you already use email consistently, dabble in it sporadically, or never use it at all, we’ll find a way to bring in new leads, customers, and cash, in a way that’s ethical, sustainable, and has a higher profit margin than just about any other marketing activity.

Craft Engaging Content That Builds Your Brand

When done correctly, blog posts are a fantastic addition to your digital marketing strategy.

On average, a user needs between 7 and 11 touchpoints with your brand before he/she becomes a regular customer. We can help you shortcut that process by making sure customers come to you, NOT the competition.

Highly engaging blog content can greatly speed up that process. Plus, Google loves SEO-optimized blogs, which means your website will rank higher in search results.

For that reason, we devote time to devising the right blog strategy for your business.

Harness the Power of Social Media

In 2020, 3.15 billion people are using social media, with 60% of those doing so every single day. Besides email marketing and blog content, social media should be the next pillar of your digital marketing strategy. Sadly, many businesses either ignore social media completely or use the wrong platforms.

We help your company come up with a content marketing plan that focuses on the right social media channels for your unique needs.

But We Don’t Work With Any Business Who Wants Us

Our done-for-you services work best for businesses that want to grow their bottom line and increase their market share. We only partner with companies that share our values and beliefs that creativity, innovation, and effective digital marketing are the drivers of development and growth.


Want done-for-you services that match your specific needs?

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