5+ Years Professional Copywriter & Digital Marketer

I take care of your web copy while you unwind on the beach.

Welcome to the Copywriting Titan – your place for titanic leads that make your wallet happy. My name is Svetoslav Dimitrov. It is my utmost pleasure having you here. If you’re genuinely interested in receiving great copywriting services, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s my titanic magic:

In my years of copywriting and marketing as a freelancer, I have served dozens of satisfied customers.

You might be wondering:

“Wait, only dozens? I should have left the page earlier.”

The answer stems from what I hold most important with our working relationship: To add long-term value to YOU, I’ll dedicate more time and effort not only to add short-term and immediate gains. I’ll also devise a branding strategy that endures the volatility of time.

This focus on enduring values can be seen by the number of businesses I’ve helped.

Copywriting Titan, Svetoslav Dimitrov, Copywriter

Of course, that does not mean I deny help to short-term projects, but you have to know something – magic does not occur overnight. While it’s possible to secure some sales and attract new clients with a Sales Page or a short Social Media campaign, that’s not necessarily a guarantee for future success. A business needs a copywriter over the long-term so that he/she can not only establish the brand but also take care of its growth and expansion.

I am a proud owner of a BA in International Relations and an MSc in European Policies and Politics. Thanks to them, I have met and conversed with people from all walks of life. Additionally, my numerous trips and pieces of experiences around the globe, especially in China, have skyrocketed my conversation skills.

Copywriting is about having a conversation with your clients and earning their trust. When we earn it, conversion ensues.

Now, it’s time to earn yours, so you can trust me with your business needs.

In the past three years, I have focused on crafting Sales Pages and web copy that interacts with your audience. I can aid you in creating an engaging website. More importantly, I can help you convert random visitors into paying clients.

Although I call Bulgaria my base of operations, I work with companies from all over the world. In 2018 alone, I worked with businesses from Australia, Hungary, Latvia, Singapore, the U.K., and the U.S. Most of these companies are long-term clients.

As we strengthen our working relationship, I’ll acquaint myself with your business, your specific “language”, your target markets, your future prospects, and your competition.

With that knowledge, I’ll use my titanic magic to create copy that meets your needs and objectives. Copy that’s 100% unique. Copy that cuts through the noise.

By working with me, you’ll receive a personalised service, which revolves around you and your needs, by truly understanding your business.  Then, I’ll apply my knowledge and marketing wisdom to create long-term values.

I’m armed and ready to help you succeed. Make me your professional copywriter today!

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