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17 Reasons Your Business Needs a Professional Copywriter

17 Reasons Your Business Needs a Professional Copywriter, Featured Image

Here’s a truth hard to eschew:

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”0″]The majority of us are not that good at writing.[/su_note]

It is not because we don’t know how to. In reality, we know how to write well to earn good grades… not to earn cash.

So, if you have even the tiniest hesitation that your copywriting skills are not showing the best side of your business, it’s prudent to hire a professional copywriter. Copywriters are the masters of persuasion and they’ll order the words in such a fascinating sequence your customers will end up buying every single thing you offer them.

Here are 17 reasons to persuade you further.

1. A Professional Copywriter Saves You Heaps of Time

Among the plethora of reasons why your business necessitates a copywriter, the first one is simply because you will possess more of the most invaluable resource – time.

You can either spend it on doing favourite pastime activities, such as indulging in ginger tea or playing golf with your friends, or invest the spare hours on skyrocketing other aspects of your business.

Crafting convincing and engaging content on a consistent basis sucks up exorbitant amounts of time, and the person to save you from that is a copywriter. Adept copywriters are capable of crafting brilliant copy not only quickly but also quite effectively.

2. Copywriters Provide More Objectivity

You are a dedicated entrepreneur. This means that you know your business activities quite well, which can be a hindrance when it comes to putting them out there. It’s highly likely that you would use a language which is quite perplexing to others (this is referred to as “the curse of knowledge”). Just sit for a while, relax your mind, and think whether you can be absolutely objective about your business.

Truthfully, we all believe we can until we face the difficulty of explaining our own products/services. Doubt and questions quickly spring up and regally nestle in our heads. And you don’t want that in your copy.

By hiring a copywriter, you will have someone craft your message in a convincing way, without heavily concentrating on your business jargon, thus making your content easily understandable and digestible by anyone reading.

3. A Copywriter Is an Expert in Crafting Persuasive Copy

It goes without mentioning that you’d love your content to sound persuasive, wouldn’t you?

Nonetheless, not everybody is skilled at constructing copy that aids you in securing sales, without sounding like you’ve just popped out of a 1960s movie.

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”0″]Copywriting is the art of selling in print. Sounding awkward, however, might break the sale for your business.[/su_note]

Thus, instead of trying to scribble your own sales letter or landing page, trust the professionals on that task. The outsider expert eye and the creative writing feather of a witty copywriter can make all the difference when converting readers into clients.

4. Copywriters Know Their Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling

You trust your writing skills are top-notch until you are faced with doubting yourself whether this comma should be here or there.

Or whether to use passive or active voice.

Or whether the spelling of that darn long word is the correct one.

Copywriters are those nice people who have graduated from schools such as Grammar Police, Punctuation Squad, and Spelling Military Institute. They have been tortured to legions of vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation exercises, guaranteeing your materials will be immaculately presented not only to Google’s search machines but also to your respected readers.

Most copywriters also rely on the invaluable help of copyeditors who make sure every little mistake and every typo immediately go to prison. Grammar is essential, especially in regards to attracting potential customers, and sloppy mistakes will chase away a good number of them. By hiring a copywriter, you ensure that won’t happen.

5. A Copywriter Perfectly Outlines Your Products/Services

Ordering words in a persuasive sequence is not the only thing copywriters do. When you hire a professional copywriter, you are hiring somebody who can outline your services and/or products.

Copywriters ensure they learn as much as possible about an industry/niche before they immerse in writing about it. Additionally, there are multitudes of professionals who have specific training in various industries, making them the ideal to write for your business. On top of that, they will make the copy not only exciting to read but also engaging for your specific audience.

6. Copywriters Are Cognisant of the Importance of Content Variation

The variation of your business content is of crucial importance for its success. When it comes to SEO, longer content is still the best formula.

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”0″]However, having varying lengths of copy gives your customers the chance to select which piece of content they wish to consume.[/su_note]

For a person who is currently exploring your business on a commute, reading a shorter content piece is his more likely option, but he might also save a longer one for his lunch break or after hours. It’s essential for your business to let your audience choose.

A professional copywriter can guarantee that every single content piece is scribbled in varying lengths to provide that choice to the readers.

7. A Copywriter Keeps Track of All Google-Related Changes

While Google is an amazing spot with regard to clients locating your business and improving your profits, it can also be a very challenging place because of each and every change the search engine company introduces.

Recently, Google released some major updates, which caught most people off-guard. That could lead to unpleasant consequences for your business.

Fortunately, copywriters strictly and indefatigably follow these updates, making sure your web content and SEO deal with them in the best and most profitable way possible.

8. Copywriters Ensure Your Business Has Fresh and Unique Content All the Time

Speaking of Google, the search engine machine just adores newly-created and unique content, as well as consistent posting. Much a like a young child salivating over an ice-cream cone, Google (your audience, too) will generate gigantic amounts of virtual saliva when you feed it with fresh content often.

Unique, high-quality content pieces on your website make Google cheerfully celebrate, thus rewarding you with better positioning. And these pieces are a trademark of copywriters. Some of the latter are so adroit that they can repurpose previous content into a piece that’s 100% unique.

Hiring a copywriter to watch out for your new content will not only keep your audience engaged but it will also make Google happy.

9. A Copywriter Helps for Generating Traffic and Attracting More Sales

Not that attracting traffic through ads is bad, but organic traffic is not only keeping your wallet safe and sound but it is also more likely to woo more legitimate clients. Indeed, organic traffic is a tool that may lead not only to rapid sales but also to maintaining the clients you have attracted already.

A copywriter is usually defined as word magician. That claim serves them well since they are the indefatigable professionals who craft content that entices more traffic from social media, too. If you add to that the fact that these vocabulary sorcerers curate words that keep readers at your website’s landing and sales pages, you will end up with your go-to-guys when things get stuck.

Organic traffic is a great upsurge not only for your Google statistics but also for the growth of your bank account. And the best thing – conversing with your new, amazing customers. Just bear in mind to not only build but also maintain the relationship with them to make sure they come back – again and again.

10. Copywriters Guarantee Your Social Media Breathe Attractiveness and Professionalism

It’s 2018, and Social Media are no longer just a buzz. They are revolutionising the online market. And if you are not harnessing their titanic potential, you are basically leaving heaps of cash on the table.

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”0″]According to WeAreSocial, 3.77 billion people have access to the Internet, out of which 2.80 billion are active Social Media users, equalling to 75% of all Internet users.[/su_note]

And your business has to be there. Again – every single day. If that thought gives you a headache, there’s one solution. You guessed it right – hire a copywriter. He’ll ensure your social media presence is perfect in every aspect – being not only attractive but also professional.

Epic, convincing social media content drives customer clicks like crazy. And they are fantastic when it comes to engaging with your audience, aiding your business when it comes to the much neglected yet super powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

11. A Copywriter Can Turn Even the Dullest Content into an Incredibly Exciting Copy

If you feel that your messages come across as boring, that’s another reason to delegate your copy to the experts.

A professional copywriting titan can compensate for that, turning your not-so-attractive niche market into a truly enticing subject. I’ve had clients who reach out not believing that’s possible only to leave mesmerised by the outcome.

A skilled copywriter can spare the several yawns of dull content by finding out your business’s exciting aspects. And, believe it or not, every niche has plenty of them. Just delegate a copywriter to seek out and locate the thrilling elements of your business. And watch him craft amazingly impactful and engaging copy.

12. Copywriters Provide an Abundance of Content Formats

Copywriters are those word wizards that go beyond just web content and blog posts. Many of them have experience in helping create images, videos, and infographics, which serve for drawing engagement to your business’s blog and social channels.

Truthfully, an adept copywriter can craft a blog post that can then be separated into various content formats, repurposing the post and reaching a broader audience. By doing so, you ensure your business copy provides your readers with the option to select how they consume their content, thus avoiding being dull. And being boring is the least you want for your business.

13. A Copywriter Can Advise You on Your Content and Strategy

Have a question you don’t know where to turn to and ask?

Always curious about how you should capitalise those headers?

Wondering what your audience would like to see on social media?

If you hire a copywriter, you have a source to turn to.

In addition to creating quality content, these wordsmiths also have their toes in the industry and possess a deep understanding of what it means to succeed in and within it. Because of this, they can often advise you on everything from the best SEO practices to how best to display your content. This can be invaluable to companies which are trying to build their reputation or to get found online.

14. Copywriters Help You Use the Most Appropriate Voice in Your Website’s Content

Should you write about your business in the first, the second, or the third person?

Present or past tense is more appropriate to express your activities?

Should you resort to passive voice or active voice?

Is talking to the masses better than talking to one specific person when it comes to presenting your products and services?

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”0″]To dodge the “sounding-awkward” bullet, consider hiring a copywriter for your business.[/su_note]

On the basis of heaps of hands-on, proven-and-profitable experience, he’ll know what will work best not only for your audience but also for your business.

15. A Copywriter Ensures Your Web Copy Fits with Your Other Promotional Materials

To reap the full potential of your humongous marketing efforts, your business has to be a part of a wide-ranging marketing mix. A copywriter responsible for web copy can peek at all the different elements – ads, brochures, blog posts, sales letters, press releases, etc. – and craft web content that complements all those other instruments.

Every single promotional material your business creates should be part of your overall branding and positioning. There’s no better way to leverage your marketing investments and significantly enhance your business ROI.

16. Copywriters Aid You in Beating the Growingly Ferocious Online Competition

The top-notch way to stick your head among the millions of online companies is having attractive and engaging content. There are multitudes of websites whose copy is poorly crafted and their design is the epitome of horrible. I bet you’ve seen plenty whose copy was shockingly bad. That’s not the way to attract trust from visitors.

However, even some of the most appealing websites are incredibly boring. And you have to make sure, next to the brilliant design you’ve paid so much for, your copy is sparkling, too.

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”0″]In the staggeringly vast sea of competitors, excellent copywriting will give you the winning edge that woos customers and secures sales.[/su_note]

It gives your business not only a smart but also a reliable look. And it builds and grows your brand, which in turn expands your business.

17. A Copywriter Crafts Compelling Call-to-actions

The difference between a good website and a brilliant website is the way it provides its audience with information bits. They entice the reader to take action – whether that’s signing up for your newsletter, reaching you out for more information, or placing an order.

Copywriters are those persuasive professionals who forge every single word in such an order it screams “Act” and “Act Now”. At the end of the day, your business is not offering a public service. You need to see the outcome of your heroic efforts.


Leave the Time-Consuming Task of Writing Copy to the Word Titans

These 17 reasons serve to showcase what a gigantic progress an excellent copy can bring to your business. Most people still don’t understand the power of convincing copy and by doing that, they are leaving money on the table.

If you want to do the same, that’s fine…

But if you feel like it’s high time more people saw your products/services, then let’s have a chat.

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#0000000″ radius=”0″]Once I sprinkle my magic and the sales start piling up, even while you are sipping cocktails or splurging on a tropical beach, who knows what we can achieve next.[/su_note]

Are you ready to act now, or you will continue being mediocre in an ever-growing ocean of powerful brands?

Let’s share your convincing message with the world!

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